Break Application (Coming soon)

Break Leader Application (Coming soon)

Spring 2013 Spring Break Destinations:

  • Long Island, New York (Still Open)
  • Staten Island, New York (Still Open)
  • West Palm Beach, Florida (FULL)
  • Miami, Florida (FULL)
  • East Shore, Virgina (FULL)

  • Contact Arianna Rogers at for more information

    Habitat Break Trips

    Alternative Spring Break 2013 Trips:

    We are sending 37 students to five different locations: East Shore, VA, Long Island, NY, Staten Island, NY, West Palm Beach, FL and Miami, FL.

    Trips will depart on Saturday March 9th and will return on Sunday March 17th. Students will be working at different sites, getting hands on experience building and meeting new people.What you might need during the trip?

    Alternative Break Programs

    Habitat for Humanity's alternative spring break trips are well known around campus and around the country for providing an excellent spring break experience. Every spring, Habitat sends more than one hundred students to various locations in the southeastern United States. The students not only have the opportunity to help erect and renovate low income housing, they make many new friends and enjoy the warm weather as well.

    Through the partnerships created with Habitat for Humanity International, these trips are very affordable. Typically the cost to the student is less than $350. Once the various trips and members are determined, each group fund raises the remaining amount that is needed to cover the cost of the trip. Syracuse University Habitat has sent students to some of the locations every year for more than ten years now.

    Since 2007, Habitat has also begun organizing an alternative winter break trip as well. This trip occurs in the week following the end of the fall semester exams. These winter break trips offer all of the same opportunities as the spring break trips. This allows Syracuse University Habitat for Humanity to send more students on these alternative break trips.