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  (Latino Undergraduates Creating History in America)

(Latino Undergraduates Creating History in America)

Updated: 11/02/11
The name of the organization shall be Latino Undergraduates Creating History in America, where its acronym will be La L.U.C.H.A.


L.U.C.H.A. stands for the unification of the Latino culture for the enlightenment and understanding through empowerment and education.


The main aims and objectives of La L.U.C.H.A. are:
Section 1:
    a.) To promote social and self awareness of the Latino Culture.
    b.) To promote unity among organizations of color.
    c.) To promote community service: Section 2.
    d.) To educate the Syracuse University community about the Latino Culture.
    e.) To work separately or in conjunction with other organizations.
    f.) To encourage empowerment through education.

Section 1: L.U.C.H.A. is open to all matriculated students of Syracuse University and the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Section 2: Membership primarily focuses on, but is not limited to, people of Spanish and Latin American descent.


Section 1: The Board shall be responsible for all organization, for the following and interpreting this Constitution and serving as the voice and motivating force for the constituency of La L.U.C.H.A.

Section 2: The Executive Board is separated into nine different positions, which are
    a.) President
    b.) Vice President
    c.) Secretary/Historian
    d.) Treasurer
    e.) Public Relations
    f.) Community Service Chair
    g.) Web Administrator
    h.) Editor of La Voz he L.U.C.H.A.
    i.) La Calle Street Team
Section 3: All board members are responsible for calling all constituents in the event of an emergency general meeting.

Section 4: If for any reason, an executive board position is not filled for an extended period of time, the executive board must divide and share responsibilities of that executive board position accordingly.



Section 1: All members of the Executive Board are eligible for re-election.

Section 2: All Officers mentioned in Article V shall be elected and shall continue in office for one year, or until their successors in office are selected.


Section 1: Executive Board
    a.) The Executive Board shall be responsible for the enforcement of all the laws of the organization.
    b.) The Executive Board, through its officers, shall represent the organization at any administrative faculty, community, religious, or student committee where such representation is called for.
    c.) The Executive Board shall present to the student government or administration body any petitions, suggestions, or recommendations from the organization.
Section 2: President
    a.) The President is responsible for making constituents aware of relevant issues with a workshop hosted a minimum of once a month.
    b.) He/she will supervise presentations, speakers, workshops, rallies, and all those events pertaining to awareness.
    c.) He/she will research campus issues, and organize political action. Finance Chair
    d.) Before every meeting, President must send a letter with a description of what the meeting will be about.
    e.)He/she distributes the work that needs to be completed according to position.

Section 3: Vice President
    a.) The Vice President is responsible for programming events that empower and inform the Latino community at Syracuse University, while educating the student body, faculty, and staff on Latino issues and contributions.
    b.) He/she shall take attendance at all meetings, and activities.
    c.) He/she shall assist in the written portion of next year’s budget.
    d.)He/she is responsible with communicating with SCPS to make sure the programming events are in order and that SCPS can fully assist for the event.
    e.)If there are any collaboration with another organization(s) for any type of event, he/she is responsible in coordinating between the different organization(s).
Section 4: Secretary/ Historian
    a.) Secretary/Historian shall keep accurate minutes of all board and general body meetings, and preserve the history of the organization.
    b.) He/she shall take attendance at all meetings, and activities.
    c.) He/she shall make minutes available to all board members.
    d.) He/she shall bring a copy of the constitution to every executive board meeting.
    e.) He/she is responsible that all accommodation on campus is made for the organization, ei: room reservation, scheduling tables in Schine and/or Goldstein.
    f.) Before the next e-board takes their position, all passwords and information must be collected and passed on to the upcoming e-board.
Section 5: Treasurer
    a.)  The Treasurer is responsible for keeping an accurate record of costs, and update the budget monthly
    b.) He/she is responsible for all contingency requests and complying with process established by the Student (Government) Association
    c.) He/she is responsible for writing and submitting the following year’s budget and assisting in the representing of the organization in all matters concerning the allocation of funds to the organization.
    d.) He/she is responsible for communicating with the box office to ensure that ticket forms are properly filled for an event in a timely fashion.
    e.) If there are any outside catering coming to an event, treasurer is responsible in ordering the food and informing SU Catering is aware of the catering.
Section 6: Public Relations
    a.) The Public Relation is responsible for communicating with other organizations and departments of the university.
    b.) He/she is responsible of all content that is viewed by the campus to be a proper representation of the organization and distributed on a timely fashion.
    c.) All types of media are to be updated and kept in order on a weekly basis.
    d.) He/she is responsible of emailing the list serve, facebook members and the general public of Syracuse University on the current events the organization is taking part of.
    e.) He/she is to keep the La Calle street team update them with their responsibility and how information is to be distributed on campus.
Section 7: Community Service Chair
    a.) The Chair is responsible for creating a social, political, educational, and economic consciousness among the constituency through activities that promote awareness of the aforementioned factors to the Syracuse community.
    b.) He/she is responsible for building the spirit and pride within the Latino community through various events and activities.
    c.) He/she is responsible for empowering Latinos by keeping them informed of leadership events, scholarships, and encouraging constituents to get more involved in the serving of the community.
Section 8: Web Administrator
    a.) He/she is responsible of making sure that the La LUCHA is updated on a weekly basis.
    b.) Must maintain La LUCHA’s Orgsync.com updated and that all required information is posted on the profile.
    c.) He/she must work along side with the rest of the electoral board members to certify that all information being posted is accurate.
Section 9: La Voz de La Lucha Editor
    a.) The La Voz editor is ultimately responsible for reviewing and partaking in format, organization, editing, and printing of written material and art included in La Voz de La L.U.C.H.A. newsletter.
    b.) He/she shall ensure that the primary content of the newsletter remains focused on informing and educating the Syracuse University community about Latino issues and problems in the United States.
    c.) The editor of La Voz de La L.U.C.H.A. is responsible for ensuring the production of the newsletter each academic semester.
Section 10: La Calle Street Team
    a.) The personal compose of La Calle street team are responsible of distribution of media, fliers and information to the Syracuse University public.
    b.) Other responsibility may be handed down by the public affair officer.

Voting Eligibility
Section 1: The active members, including current board members, shall appoint all nominees for office positions.

Section 2: Candidacy
    a.) Any active undergraduate member is eligible to run for a position. b.) All candidates must submit a letter of intent at least 3 days prior to the election forum process.

Amendment 1

In the event that an executive board member does not adhere to their assigned responsibilities and performs poorly in his/her duties as described by the constitution in Article VII Sections I through X, the identified person can be dismissed of his his/her position by majority vote of the current executive board. Furthermore, in the case of such an event, the executive board will have the choice to either:
    1. Promote a current executive board member to the recently vacated position. This shall be done through majority vote; if a vacated position still remains, the executive board will fill that position as per instruction in Article VIII.
    2. Follow article VIII to fill all recently vacated positions.